1. We do not have an online price list.
  2. We only give price quotes in writing, via email. Please send as much information as you can about your project, including a low resolution mock up to, and we will respond as soon as we are able, or fill out out the online quote request form.


  1. The best format is one bitmap tiff file for each color ( this means black or white only, no shades of gray ) at 100% scale, 720 dpi compressed with LZW compression and saved in PC bit order.
  2. We also accept Illustrator and Photoshop files.
  3. If you send us an illustrator ( ai or eps file ) please make sure that you convert all type to outlines.
  4. PDF files can be good too. Low resolution jpegs, not so much.


  1. We will start working on your job once we have a deposit and final camera ready artwork. Our standard turnaround is 10 business days.
  2. A job that must be completed in less than 10 days is subject to a 50% rush fee at our discretion.
  3. A job that must be completed in less than 3 days is subject to a 100% rush fee at our discretion.
  4. We accept cash, checks, master card, visa, and paypal.
  5. We do not print proofs unless instructed by the client. Proofing or color-testing your project may delay your ready date and will be an extra charge.
  6. Payment is due in full when the project is picked up.
  7. Up to a 10% under run is acceptable. Please be sure to order a few extra pieces.
  8. Client is responsible for checking that their order is complete at time of pickup. Once an order leaves our shop, we are not responsibility for any damages to prints or discrepancies in quantity.


  1. For garment printing, the deposit is 50% or the cost of the garments, whichever is more.
  2. Some shirt styles may be backordered, which can push back production time.
  3. We print light ink on dark colors with an underbase (think of applying a primer before painting). This will be included in any quote given.
  4. Standard max print area is 12"x15" for all sizes of shirts.


  1. All designs that we create are owned by Knighthawk Ink unless otherwise negotiated. Design fees cover usage for the specific project only.
  2. Garment design does not include usage fees or reproduction rights if another printer is used.