Hello, hello hello! We are Matt and Jessi business and life partners. We met in Portland but could not be from different place in the USA. Matt grew up in a small town Connecticut where was self taught in screen printing, delighting all of his punk rock friends. Jessi was born and raised in Alaska and has been self employed as a hairstylist for tons and tons of years. 

We started this venture as an outlet for all of our creative ideas and a way to fund our dream home.  We collaborate and design everything, Matt does all of the screen printing in the home studio. From the start to finish we use every available eco-friendly practice available. Packaging, ink, paper, and ethically-manufactured apparel

Fueled by pizza, french press coffee and green smoothies (because...... balance), we love to play outside and in the garden with our daughter when we are not working. We can't wait to nest in hardcore once we are homeowners!


And I am Jessi!

I have more of a behind the scenes role at Knighthawk Ink. I'm sorta the head in the clouds dreamer of our little engine that could. I am always scheming and throwing crazier and crazier ideas out into the atmosphere, some are good and some are not so good.

I have dedicated the last few years to figuring out how small business works and learning how to thrive, and if given the chance I will talk your ear off about profit and loss sheets and business plans! When I am not working with Matt on Knighthawk Ink designs you can find me at my cute little hair biz called Revolve Hair Studio  where I make hair dreams come true.  




Hi, I'm Matt.

I illustrate and screen print onto ethically manufactured apparel. Each step of the production process is done in-house and by hand. I'm self-taught in every aspect of the business, and put a significant amount of thought into the design, printing, and photography of each item. I use eco-friendly water-based inks, sweatshop-free clothing, and biodegradable cleaning products. 
I am constantly learning about the art through daily experience and I love it more each day. 
This makes me happy.

Screen printing captured my heart twenty years ago and I like it more each day (some days more than others ;P). Thanks for taking the time to read this screed, and please feel free to get in touch about anything at all.

Matt Knight
Knighthawk Screen Printing